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When it comes to fire damage, one thing is absolutely certain: no two scenarios are alike.

Every fire is unique in its cause, composition, size, and waste; some fires can involve more than 100 complex chemical reactions! How these factors combine together will affect how the fire damage restoration is conducted.

At Disaster Restoration, we offer Free Consultations for homeowners and property managers interested in restoring their fire-damaged home or business.

Each consultation includes a written quote, a professional inspection, and an on-site consultation where we address any questions you may have.

We offer solutions for:

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Fire damage restoration is a multi-phase process, and it's vitally important that the process begins within hours of the damage.

Mold damage can begin in as little as 24 hours after saturation of building materials. This damage can affect all organic surfaces, and can be much more expensive than the fire damage itself. Waiting even a single day to begin can greatly compound the damage, cost, and restoration time needed.

We specialize in fire damage restoration and repair, which includes repairs for fire-related damages like smoke damage restoration and soot damage repair. We serve Talladega, Birmingham, Bessemer, Helena, and many nearby areas in and around the Greater Birmingham area and other parts of Alabama.

Before and After
  • Project: Fire Damage Restoration
    Project: Fire Damage Restoration

    House fire in Leeds, AL.

  • House Fire in Leeds, AL
    House Fire in Leeds, AL

    House fire in Leeds, AL.

  • Apartment Fire
    Apartment Fire
  • Damage from a house fire, Hoover, AL
    Damage from a house fire, Hoover, AL

    Damage from house fire in Hoover, AL

  • Kitchen fire
    Kitchen fire

    Kitchen fire 

Recent Testimonials
  • "This was my first fire and I felt that I was in good hands the entire time!" Read Full Testimonial

    Tammy S. of Ashville, AL

    Customer Testimonial

              This was my first fire and I felt that I was in good hands the entire time!
    Tammy S.
    Ashville, AL
  • "Disaster Restoration made my disaster much easier for me! Couldn't have made it through without you all!..." Read Full Testimonial

    Darryl G. of Leeds, AL

    Customer Testimonial

              Disaster Restoration made my disaster much easier for me! Couldn't have made it through without you all! Thanks so much.
    Darryl G.
    Leeds, AL
  • "We appreciate the quality of work" Read Full Testimonial

    Faye S. of Birmingham, AL

    Customer Testimonial

              We appreciate the quality of work that was done on our house and the carring attitude and professionalism of the crews and subcontractors.
    Faye S.
    Birmingham, AL
  • "Ken Pate is honest and fair, so nice, does great work, has good ideas, leaves our house perfect, and is..." Read Full Testimonial

    Lynn C. of Homewood, AL

    Customer Testimonial

              Disaster Restoration has done all kinds of work for us - from replacing windows and doors to tiny od jobs. Ken Pate is honest and fair, so nice, does great work, has good ideas, leaves our house perfect, and is totally trustworthy - we just love him and consider him not only as someone with whom we do business, but a friend!
    Lynn C.
    Homewood, AL

Professional fire restoration company in Alabama

fire alert

HVAC System Warning!

Fire damage in your home leads to smoke and soot that gets into every nook and cranny of your home.

Tiny particles that ended up in your HVAC system during the fire can lead to irritation in your lungs and possible scarring of the alveoli. Have an HVAC professional inspect your system after any fire.

Homeowners and business owners are often anxious to begin the cleaning and restoration process immediately after the fire has been eliminated. However, unless they seek professional advice, they may be doing much more harm to the structure than good.

Our disaster restoration professionals are fully trained to address the fire damage in your home and create a plan that will eliminate odors and damage, restore your salvageable property, and minimize future disaster restoration damages to your home.

At Disaster Restoration, our 24-hour emergency fire restoration service is available every day of the year. This ensures that we'll be on-site when you need us, helping you restore your structure quickly and competently. We also offer board-up services to secure the building and keep out unwanted intruders.

We service the towns of Birmingham, Bessemer, Talladega, Helena, as well as nearby areas such as Alabaster, Pinson, Trussville, Pelham, Pell City, Montevallo, Gardendale, Fairfield, Warrior, Helena, Maylene, Cropwell, Mount Olive, Leeds, and nearby. Give us a call at 1-855-233-6493 or contact us online for a Free consultation. For 24-hour emergency service contact us today!

Fire Damage

The direct damage from any fire is caused by the fire itself, as well as the immediate heat damage from the fire.

Fire will char anything it touches. Noncombustible objects may melt, and paint and wallpaper will peel. Some fires leave corrosive substances behind when they're extinguished that can damage wood, plastic, metal, and other substances.

Smoke Damage

While fire may damage only a small area, smoke will permeate far and wide in a structure.

High temperatures during a fire can open pores that will bring the smoke deep inside your building materials, property, and inside the HVAC system. This smoke can be corrosive and potentially toxic, and it will lead to long-term smoke odors in the area.

Water Damage

Water damage and fire damage go hand in hand, as fire hoses flood the area at a rate of 95 gallons per minute.

Water damage will spread far beyond the fire-affected area, working downhill to flood lower floors and enter cavities and voids within the building. This will damage electrical components, insulation, drywall, personal possessions, and other property.

Mold & Rot Damage

Within 24-48 hours of the water saturation that goes along with extinguishing a fire, mold will begin to grow.

Mold will create an extremely unhealthy environment within the home while it destroys personal property and may even create a potential structural issue. By drying the area thoroughly and immediately, this damage can be avoided.

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